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Summary: Patch to fix -export-dynamic typos.
Product: Slurm Reporter: orbea-ml
Component: Build System and PackagingAssignee: Tim Wickberg <tim>
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Attachments: Patch to fix -export-dynamic typos.

Description orbea-ml 2021-03-18 10:49:42 MDT
Created attachment 18529 [details]
Patch to fix -export-dynamic typos.

When trying to build slurm with slibtool (https://dev.midipix.org/cross/slibtool) it fails for multiple reasons.

One of the reasons is that the build system has --export-dynamic everywhere when it should be -export-dynamic. GNU libtool does not expose this problem because it silently filters out the typo.

Unfortunately this is not the only problem exposed with slibtool, but I do not have fixes for the others yet. I will make new issues for those if and when I solve them.



From the slibtool --help:

     -export-dynamic       allow symbols in the output file to be resolved
                           via dlsym() [currently a no-op]